Japanese food delivery service "Harakiri"

  iOS developer
  2 Android developers
   Project Manager
  Quality Assurance
The timing
5 months - we are still working on support


Automation of the cafe and the opening of a new direction for the delivery of finished food in order to increase sales. Working with the Bitrix API.


Implement mobile applications for cafe customers


Development of native mobile applications for iOS & Android. Implementation of the CloudPayments payment system for online payment.


The customer came to us with the problem of insufficient mobile version of the site to meet the needs of their customers.
We proposed # mobile app development for placement in the AppStore and PlayMarket app stores.
We developed # UX / UI design together with the efforts of the customer, taking into account the style and brand book of an existing business.
They decided to divide the development into several stages:
#MVP - the application allowed to log in to the system through a mobile application and place an order for delivery.
MLP - added loyalty system, bonus system and discount systems. Integrated push notification functionality.
Full-fledged application - added the ability to pay online through the CloudPayments service. The functionality of choosing different side dishes to one position has been added, and a recommendation system of "additional sales" has been introduced at the stage of placing orders.


The increase in the proportion of orders from the mobile application to 40% at the moment.
“We are grateful to Digital Nomads for offering the best solutions for our business. The guys plunged into our project as if they were their own - a first-class team. They heard us and quickly adapted to our requirements, helping to regularly introduce new features. They showed themselves not just as contractors, but as full partners. We recommend Digital Nomads as a professional in mobile development. ”
Valery Knyazev , Head of ITS Harakiri company