Project Audit

An application is audited if it does not work properly. For example, users write in the comments that the application does not work well, does not load, it has a poor interface. Low ratings - the application does not rise in the search and does not perform its tasks.
Code analysis
Most critical issues with mobile apps are hidden in code. Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to write the application again than to fix the mistakes of another developer.
Usability Analysis
Many good ideas die because the application is written for those who like to scratch their left toe behind their right ears with the big toe. Or without technical regulations for 250 pages you won’t figure out how to perform a simple action. The interface should be intuitive.
Design Analysis
Disproportionately large or small elements, fonts like in a newspaper with free 1999 ads, eye-popping color combinations kill the conversion of the application. And this is not our personal opinion, but the numbers of indicators. We will calculate, conduct A / B tests, draw conclusions.
Checking the application for security
Unskilled developers may leave vulnerabilities in the code. An audit helps ensure that data is protected against hacking. In addition, a malicious code may be registered in the application that displays ads or steals users’s personal data.

Stages of work

We collect product information, customer, competitors and close analogues.
We analyze the code, server security, product design, advertising promotion channels. We also analyze the situation in the market, collect information about market trends.
We provide all recommendations on improvement or on the product launch strategy.